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The New 'Victory Lane Edition' Package
by Chrome Shop Mafia and Freightliner!

Freightliner Trucks is the OFFICIAL Hauler of NASCAR and now YOU can own and drive the same type of rig the race teams do! Freightliner has teamed up with the well known truck customizers at CHROME SHOP MAFIA to offer a VICTORY LANE EDITION upgrade on the all new CORONADO!

The package offers all of those great items an Owner Operator typically wants on his rig, and ends up adding over the first few months of ownership!

Things like a big chrome bumper, jumbo exhaust stacks, stainless drop visor, longer quarter fenders, rear light panel, LED’s, logo mud flaps and weights, a ‘racy’ graphics package and much more! And, all of these items are professionally installed by the BOYZ at CSM!


Take a look at what comes on this awesome package:

  • 20-inch ‘American Eagle’ chrome front bumper with custom licencse tag bracket
  • Polished stainless ‘dropped style’ sun visor
  • 7 inch Jumbo exhaust pipes with 7 inch elbows
  • 27” High Quality quarter fenders with logo top flaps
  • Custom rear light panel with LED lamps and backsplash protection
  • Stainless spring loaded rear flap brackets, logo flaps and Vic Lane flap weights
  • 60 inch mirror finished frame cover with Anti-Skid treatment
  • CSM hub covers
  • Exclusive VICTORY LANE graphics package
  • Embroidered cab floor mats and sleeper mat
  • and many other items too!

This is a super-sharp upgrade, available in your choice of 10 color combinations, that gives you a bold, unique, eye catching look on your rig!

To learn more, contact Chrome Shop Mafia in Joplin, MO, by calling 800.228.1103, x115. We are ready to work with you!

*Talk to your local dealer about incorporating this package into your new truck financing!

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