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DISORDERLY CONDUCT Combo takes Louisville by Storm!

April 2011

4 State Trucks, home of the Chrome Shop Mafia is proud to have built DISORDERLY CONDUCT, a 1999 Peterbilt 379 for Minnesota trucker Paul Voight! Paul keeps a fleet of 7 Peterbilt’s with Great Dane reefers running routes from the upper Midwest to Florida and California.

The Voights have a long history in operating ‘cool clean’ showy equipment! Paul and his brothers were involved in the pioneer days of ‘full tilt’ show trucks! Back in the early 90’s, they built one of the nicest lookin Pete 379’s and reefers to date. You may remember Mark Voight’s  truck, a gorgeous brown 379 extended hood dubbed ‘HollyWood’, sporting an incredible Rockford Fosgate sound system with a painted to match reefer trailer with painted murals ‘inside & out’! But-rest assured, well before the ‘fancy-shmancy’ trucks-Paul worked with his Dad –Melvin hauling buses. Like many of us, it was Dear Ol’ Dad that got him interested and schooled in the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of trucking. It didn’t take long for Paul’s entrepreneuring spirit to ‘kick in’! Pretty soon he landed a US Mail contract to Florida and he started his own company- Night Train Trucking. Shortly there-after, he scored a produce haul back to Minnesota and bought his first reefer trailer-mail goin’ south & produce comin’ north! During the next 7 years, he even did a year long tour with MicroSoft transporting one of their big Trade Show stages-a neat change of pace that was!

Paul actually traded a ‘like new’ pontoon boat to his brother –Fritz for this 99’ Pete, which his brother had already started renovating, but  other priorities at the time had Fritz thinking his family would enjoy the boat  a whole lot more than the semi-truck!

Paul took the Peterbilt to his shop  and immediately tore into the engine compartment and started a ‘show quality ‘upgrade project! Soon afterwards, he ran into Carl Carstens from Rockwood Products, who suggested to Paul that he should partner up with the boyz from Chrome Shop Mafia and go ‘all out’ on the truck!

After ‘chewin the fat’ with Bryan Martin, the BossMan at Chrome Shop Mafia, Paul soon had a clear vision of what he wanted done! He finished up the work under the hood and stretched the frame himself-rolled it clear out to 325” wheelbase-WOW! Then, he was headed to  Joplin, Missouri  to leave the truck in the hands of Lil’ Joe Overfelt and the veteran customizers at 4 State Trucks.

4 State Trucks-also well known as Chrome Shop Mafia is ALWAYS eager the get their hands on a truck that has a big potential to be a first class Hot Rod! The custom mod’s, the ‘one-off’ upgrades and accessorizing projects on Disorderly Conduct are endless! To give you a quick ‘run down’………….we’ll start at the front and work our way back!

The 22” American Eagle chrome front bumper barely clears the ground, but-since it is equipped with a ‘flip kit’ designed and produced by Chrome Shop Mafia-with the ‘flip of a switch’ it can quickly be raised to eliminate an encounter with tragedy! The steer axle is riding on air bags, so it can be dropped to portray that ‘low rider’ look that is ever popular right now. The engine is painted blue to match the chassis and adorned with custom chrome plating and stainless trim pieces. One of the under hood high-lights is the chrome plated steel-‘one piece’ air intake pipe assembly-incredible!

A menacing  painted sunvisor was painted black and hung across the top of the windshields to give the truck a ‘serious bizness’attitude! Paul saved a  few dollars on cab lights-since there ain’t none! But-don’t overlook the flush turn signal lights mounted in the air cleaner canisters! To further accentuate the low rider look, extra wide cab & sleeper skirts were fabricated and installed. A pair of polished stainless steel BAWER battery boxes provide entry to the cab-where you can appreciate such features as …..illuminated pedals, a CSM ‘359’ style dash conversion with rosewood instrument panels by RockWood, Isspro white face gauges, mid-back Wide Ride seats, a 20” flat screen TV in the sleeper and luxurious tan Ultra-Leather upholstery.

7” jumbo exhaust pipes with low slung elbows and special ‘Mafia Cut’ mitered tops let the 600+ horsepower Caterpillar breathe. CSM worked with Darren at  Radical Concepts to coordinate the design and lay down the paint on the cab, hood , sleeper and rear fenders. Then the Boyz fabricated  what seems to be the ultimate crowd pleaser-SEE THRU fuel tanks! The rear bulkhead on each fuel tank was replaces with clear acrylic plexi-glass! An electrically actuated sleeper shock cover which allows access to the hidden fuel caps, custom frame sleeves to conceal the chassis bolts and provide a smoooooooth un-cluttered look, and an incredible frame cover which exposes the drive-shafts, yet hides all the hoses, wiring and cross-members are just a few more tricks on this machine!

The rear fiberglass fenders were extensively modified, and then hung from specially built tee bars and equipped with back-lit tommy-gun cut-outs in the top of each fender! Then Continental tires were mounted on Accuride aluminum wheels and capped off with CSM hub covers!

This Hot Rod Pete 379 is set up like every truckers dream………..600 HP Cat engine, 13 speed Over Drive transmission, 3.36 rear ends on low-leaf air suspension, laid out on a 325 inch wheelbase and rolling on Low Profile 22.5 tires..what’s not to like, eh?

There were several businesses that were vital in making DISORDERLY CONDUCT what it is today , so Paul and CSM want to recognize first and foremost ROCKWOOD PRODUCTS. Carl was the initial ‘idea man’ and visionary for this project and graciously provided countless hours of design and engineering labor to produce some ‘super tricky’ flawless interior components and chrome exterior accessories-Thank You Mr. Carl-couldn’t have done it without you!

Also, Minnesota’s PREMIER UPHOLSTERY produced and installed the gorgeous interior panels. PPG is the paint provider for this show truck, the good folks at CONTINENTAL TIRES  supplied the rubber and ACCURIDE is responsible for the mirror finished aluminum wheels, and LIFETIME is our choice for the countless nut covers. We would also like to thank ISSPRO gauges for the ‘white face’ EVR gauges-very sharp!

Paul certainly wants to give a heartfelt THANK YOU to Amy and Kendra for putting up with all the late nights he spent in the shop tinkering with this truck and the matching trailer.

Look for this rig at an upcoming truck show near you!

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