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Mafia Editorial

Mafia Editorial April 7th

FENDERS……………..Crash Course!

Every truck owner wants some sort of custom fender treatment on their rig. Let’s face it-STOCK SUCKS. Just because your truck was ‘born’ with a lame set of 24” long , basic ol’ quarter fenders- certainly does not mean it has to ‘stay that way’!  Seems like we all yearn for more of a custom look. After we get our bumper, visor and exhaust pipes upgraded, typically the next target area is the rear fenders. Not only does it enhance the appearance of your truck, it also serves a practical function by minimizing the likelihood of your drive tires throwing rocks and debris on the back of your cab/sleeper.

MATERIAL.  Fenders are available in plastic/poly, smooth aluminum, diamond plate aluminum, stainless steel or fiberglass. Plastic is low cost and nearly indestructible. Aluminum is cost effective and practical. Stainless looks nice, has a great shine but is more cost than aluminum. Fiberglass provides a truly custom look, however the paint and install costs are much higher than metal fenders. However, Fiberglass is  repairable in the event of a scrape or crack.

Quarter Fenders are what the typical truck is equipped with at the factory. Usually they are only 24” long and allow for rocks to be thrown over or under the fender panel, causing damage to the paint on the back of your cab/sleeper. Most chrome shops offer quarter fenders in 27”, 30” and even 34” lengths for a cool clean look, while remaining affordable, offering a bit more protection than OEM quarter fenders, and installation is quick and easy.

Half Fenders are much the same as quarter fenders, but extend across the top of your tires to about the center of your tandems. This style eliminates the possibility of your tires throwing debris on the back of your cab. They are also available in ‘longer & taller’ lengths that drop down further on the front edge to help you obtain the classic look hot rod look. Average install time for half fenders is usually 4 hours.

 Full Fenders (traditional) are the classic style that appeals to most folks. Thus the name, these fenders completely cover both axles and offer a great deal of protection, while adding class to just about any rig. Full fenders will require a mounting kit to allow for worry free installation, and normal installation time is 6-8 hours.

Full Radius or ‘Double Hump’ style fenders have been gaining in popularity over the last 10 years or so. These are C shaped fenders that cover each pair of duals individually. In other words, you need 4 fenders to outfit a tandem axle trauck. They are available from several different manufacturers and install time is generally 8-12 hours as the ‘layout’ time to ensure the appearance your truck deserves is a factor.

Regarding Fiberglass fenders, there are many vendors for them, in dozens of different styles and shapes and all of them that I am aware of, will require fabrication and welding of the mounting brackets.  These brackets will need painted-just like the fenders.  So, allow some extra time for this when planning your install.